So what have I become? Please tell me if you can.
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Apparently you can’t go about trying to correct someone’s viewpoint on a childish situation without getting accused of calling their mother ‘ungodly’.



Well I could join You-Know-Who (yes I’m afraid of saying his name), but I won’t. Being a Death Eater would be so unhealthy for my self-esteem. It would rid me of my confidence and I’m not good at calling anyone Master.

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Why am I so self-aware and yet so stubborn? I know what I’m going to do, how I’m going to to reply, where I need to be, but when it really matters most, the moment I don’t accept that I screw up on a constant basis my head is put on a silver platter for everyone to see and sneer at.

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So women want the government and businesses out of their private lives and womb, but they want the government to make their places of business afford birth control. Does anyone other than my find this logic slightly flawed?



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❝ Being a Slytherin is about knowing the time.
The time when you need to be brave.
The time when you need to be clever.
The time when you need to be nice.
Being a Slytherin is having all of these. ❞
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